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The CAL/Clara Doctor Who Theory!

Okay, my friend and I were watching Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead last night and we picked up on a bunch of stuff. I have heard the Clara/CAL theory before and here are our elaborations on it, from what we saw last night.


Okay, here’s our notes on the theory.

-What if, somehow, CAL and River got out of the library? That is one possibility. The other is that Clara is a projection of CAL’s as an adult woman, because she wanted to experience being an adult since she never got to before.

- CAL and Clara look very similar.

-At the end of Forest of the Dead, the Doctor saves River to the computer so that she doesn’t die and then River takes over the job of being CAL’s mother. You see her at the end tucking CAL into bed. This supports the theory of Clara being River’s daughter. CAL would then know all about the Doctor and all about what he has done because River can tell her. She would know all about the Ponds and everything to do with them because River can tell her.

- This would also support the fact that CAL can’t die: what if she just continuously keeps saving herself to the computer? She is the computer so she can keep living and coming back to life. Either she is a projection from the computer or she has escaped from it.

- This also explains her extreme intelligence and why the Daleks would want her. She knows everything about the entire universe, because she has every book that has ever been written all in her head. It explains why she knows so much and why she can hack into the Dalek systems: she is a computer so she can easily hack into the other computers.

- If they had’ve escaped from the library, the characters would still remember everything that had happened in the dream world. Remember when Donna’s dream-husband comes out, he sees Donna across the room and tries to call out to her? So CAL would still remember everything she knew about the Doctor.

- Clara means illustrious or light. CAL’s name is Charlotte Abigail Lux. Lux means light/illuminensence.

- In Silence of the Library, the Doctor says to Donna that she shouldn’t read ahead in the book because of spoilers and that they’re from her future. This is exactly what happens in Angels Take Manhatten- the Doctor tells Amy that she shouldn’t read ahead in the book because of spoilers from her future. This suggests some kind of correlations between these episodes.

- The statue/face things tell them to run. As we know, running is quite a common theme in the new epipsodes. At the end of the episode when River dies, she also talks about running and how the Doctor and her are going to run together. Clara then says this to the Doctor in both her episodes.

- CAL says to the Doctor “aren’t I a clever girl?” In The Snowmen and Asylum of the Daleks, Clara goes on about how clever she is and then she calls the Doctor a clever boy.

- At the end of the episode, River reflects upon the Doctor saying he’s “an impossible man”. In the teaser trailer for the rest of Season Seven, Clara is described as being “the impossible woman”.

- What if the reason Clara kissed the Doctor is because she’s heard so much about him and she wanted to love him too? What if she’s a bit messed up because of being in the library and stuff forever and she wanted to experience being an adult and that’s why she kissed him? Maybe she thinks River is never coming back because she’s in the library with her and so that’s why she wasn’t bothered about kissing him?

Anyway, that’s some notes we made!

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I am so down for this


Time Travel via Instagram:
How perfect would this be?!!!! #bbc #bbcamerica #doctorwho #dw #fangirls #fanwarriors #geek#gallifrey #nerd #thedoctor #thetardis #tardis #timelord #timetravel #spaceywacey #wibblywobblytimeywimey #timeandrelativedimensioninspace #whovian

by user: votesaxon
Date: January 08, 2013 at 07:33PM : http://instagr.am/p/UPjcZRqt6Z/

I am so down for this